CURATE BY AMZ is a wardrobe and lifestyle advisory service

that evaluates all aspects of its clients’ lives

in order to provide quality wardrobes of value.

Our bespoke services help clients

transform into the best versions of themselves –empowered, confident, effortlessly elegant.


CURATE BY AMZ was founded by elite fashion consultant, Amy M. Zaterman.

Amy, a Denver native, learned the transforming power of personal style after a disfiguring car accident she experienced as a teen. By dressing her best, even when she felt her worst, Amy was able to recover her sense of self and evolve into the person she aspired to be.

Dedicated to sharing her passion for personal style, Amy relocated to New York City to cultivate her taste and talents. There, she successfully curated and styled immaculate wardrobes for a prominent, discerning international clientele.

Amy works at the highest levels of luxury fashion including the Haute Couture and in estate jewelry. She frequently collaborates with bespoke men’s, women’s and accessory designers to create custom merchandise, plus her extensive network and experience allow her to source and deliver the best style to her clients.

Encouraged and inspired by the many female entrepreneurs that she has had the privilege of dressing, Amy realized her own entrepreneurial destiny of creating a luxury shopping experience focused on curating for the individual, as opposed to selling to the masses.

In 2014 Amy invested in her dream, returning home to her Colorado roots to bring her vision to life in CURATE BY AMZ.

Amy Zaterman

Founder + Style Director